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Super Clean Of America

What does Get It Clean mean...

Our Get It Clean includes everything listed on the Keep It Clean checklist. Additional services for this clean include: inside the trash can, baseboards, extra-strength scrubbing in bathroom/kitchen, and heavy dusting for your blinds.

This clean is recommended for new customers.

You should book this cleaning service if you've gone several weeks (or months!) without having your home professionally cleaned. This is also a great clean for special occasions such as: before or after a party, before or after a guest stay over, and if you have a pet that sheds. After booking this clean, you should switch to a Keep It Clean subscription to maintain the sparkle!


What does Keep It Clean mean...

Our "Keep It Clean" includes everything listed under "Keep It Clean" on our  Checklist. This cleaning service includes most external surfaces (however, no walls, windows, or laundry), as well as inside the microwave and toaster.

This clean is recommended for subscription customers.

As the name implies, this cleaning service is designed to keep a recently cleaned apartment in immaculate condition. It's recommended for customers who would like a subscription cleaning service. Book a Keep It Clean subscription and prepare to live in perpetual home bliss! Please note that if your home hasn't been professionally cleaned by a cleaner in several weeks (or months!), or you want a one time clean, we recommend booking a Get It Clean first.

What does a Deep Clean mean...

Our Deep Clean includes everything on our Checklist. This includes, but is not limited to: dusting, dry & wet mopping, scrubbing, trash, bathtubs, toilets, outer cabinets, lamps, couches, outside of the refrigerator, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, extra rooms, baseboards, blinds, bathroom tiles, inside the trash, removing stains (if possible), and inside of the oven, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom cabinets. 

This clean is recommended for those who need a "Deep Clean", or are moving.

Our Deep Clean is the most thorough home and apartment cleaning service you'd ever need. In addition to being perfect for move in/move out cleans, it's for when you feel your home needs a lot of extra care, such as when you want a true "Spring" cleaning service, or if you have areas that need a professional cleaners attention. These cleans are typically all day events and they'll leave your home absolutely spotless!

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